SOCIAL MEDIA -Pros and cons paragraph) By shahed mahmoud

اذهب الى الأسفل

SOCIAL MEDIA -Pros and cons paragraph) By shahed mahmoud

مُساهمة من طرف Amany Alsharkawy في الخميس فبراير 15, 2018 9:56 am

(Pros and cons paragraph)
           Social media is a part from our daily life. All the people in the society now are using social media whether poor or rich and all the ages children , teenagers and adults . However that all the  world is using social media as it has pros and cons .
First of all , the social media has a lot of  positive sides . the best thing ever about social media that it is free , the only thing you need is the internet . You can communicate on social media in many  ways which can suit all the ages, for example typing texts messages on Telegram and Messenger or by calling using Skype. The social media is the best way of communicating with your family and friends if you are in another country with a very low-cost . It is also a useful method for studying , there are a lot of groups on Facebook and pages on Instagram that can help you in studying and even learning new things . If you are interesting in the celebrity gossip and the media news , so the social media is the best place for you because you can follow the celebrities pages and know their latest news . Social media connect all the world together , you can know what is happing in America , France and wherever you want while you are in your home . Also, it helps us to share our opinion freely without being shy . One of the best things in the social media is that you can congratulate your friends and family in all the events like birthdays , new year , promotions……… with a low-cost . Also, it helps many people to gain money by working and representing their products online . It is one of the best ways for promoting the sale of goods .
On the other hand , social media has negative sides . The worst thing in the social media that there is no privacy , anyone can see what are you writing and posting and even share it . Also , all your accounts on social media can be hacked . Being hacked is not an easy problem , just imagine that there is someone is having all your photos , messages and personal information , it is an horrible thing . Social media is one of the things that can waste your time , so you should organize your time . Take care not everything you see and read on social media is true there are millions of fake news , and this is one of the biggest problems . Criticizing , the ugliest thing that you can see on the social media that is people are criticizing and commenting rudely in impolite way about each other . Social media victims , this type of people are using social media 24 hour per day until they become isolated from the outer world .
To sum up , using social  media have both positive and negative sides .The best thing that you can do is to be careful while you
are using it .


Amany Alsharkawy

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