Our forum Rules

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Our forum Rules

مُساهمة من طرف Amany Alsharkawy في الأربعاء مارس 14, 2018 7:23 pm

This forum is to present the most prominent talents, creations, Projects and innovation of Harvest Private School student
The forum managers and supervisors are dedicated to follow up on the participation in a way to make it active in order to share experiences and point of view between the members in an interesting and constructive way . They will not hesitate to cancel or suspend participation that are outside the scope of forum objective or the moral behavior. We trust that you have a high moral standards and perfect behaviors toward other forum members .You will be an active and positive member in all of your participation regardless on your different point of view .

:Forum Rules and Regulation

]First: The commitment of the manner of speech. (to respect all point of view and avoid unproductive argument
Second: The topic should be meaningful

Third : topic should be included
titles of topics. (All members are requested to write a clear title of their topics) the supervisor has the right to change the title of it was against the rules or unsuitable for the content of the topic  .

Content of the topic (the content should be meaningful and useful in a line with the forum guidance and objective.

Attaching a photo or video to support your topic depends on the evaluation of the supervisor of the section.

Forth: Editing topics.
The admin of section takes over the task of editing topics if needed .Editing  after any admin is not allowed and who does that; their topics will be immediately deleted .
Fifth: Taking the topics up

It’s not allowed at all to take the topics up because of the lack of interaction with them.
And if happened, the topic will be immediately panned. Please take quality in to consideration not quantity in the topics.
Sixth: Farewell or withdrawal topics
Farewell or with withdrawal topics are not allowed and it will be immediately deleted without any waring.
Seventh: Copied and Duplicated Topics
Copying any posts form other forums is strictly forbidden. That will be against the forum objectives that focuses on the student’s real participation, creations, projects and innovations.

To avoid the repetition of the topics please follow this way
Use the search engine.
Please write the topic’s title in the search engine.
Look for any notable word or sentence in the forum that is related to your title.
Please repeat these steps in more than one word or sentence.

Important Note
Supervisors and administration has the right to delete or edit any topic without returning to the writer.

Thanks and we hope that these rules are clear to everyone.

Amany Alsharkawy

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